Upholstery Cleaning in Vancouver, WA

Have Checkmate Carpet Cleaning Clean Your Upholstery

Sometimes, cleaning the floors alone isn’t enough. There are many other surfaces of your house that could be dirty, such as couches, chairs, mattresses, blinds, and more. Checkmate Carpet Cleaning can handle your upholstery cleaning in Vancouver, WA so you don’t have to worry.

What is upholstery?

Upholstery is the fabric covering on your chairs, sofas, beds, and other furniture. There are dozens of kinds of fabric used as coverings, including:

Natural fabrics

Upholstery cleaning in Vancouver WA

  • Linen–A fabric made from flax that is durable and elastic. Often found on chairs.
  • Cotton–Naturally-breathable fiber that’s soft and very smooth.
  • Silk–Very soft but also very hard to clean.
  • Jute–A coarse, rope-like covering used in furniture from around the world.
  • Leather–Made from animal hide, leather is naturally strong and thick.


Artificial fabrics

Fabric cleaning in Vancouver WA

  • Nylon–A durable fabric often blended with other fibers to reduce wrinkles and fading.
  • Rayon–An artificial fabric made from wood or bamboo to simulate silk but costs less.
  • Polyester–Blended with other fabrics to make upholstery resistant to wrinkles and fades.
  • Acetate fiber– Made from wood pulp, acetate is quick drying with an elegant look.
  • Acrylic– Used in fabrics like Orlon, acrylic fibers have strong wicking.

Our experts know the different materials and how to clean them.

While there are consumer-grade products that claim to work on upholstery, our cleaners are familar with them and know what cleaning agents should–and shouldn’t–be used for specific materials.

For more expensive materials such as silk, it is strongly advised to have an experienced professional carefully clean them so as not to ruin or damage the material.

We’ll get the job done right.

Don’t take the risk of trying to figure out how to clean all of the many different kinds of fabric.

Our highly-trained upholstery and furniture cleaners will take the guesswork out of the equation, leaving you with remarkably clean fabric that your friends and family can’t help but comment on.

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