Carpet Restretching in Vancouver WA

Have Checkmate Carpet Cleaning Restretch Your Carpet

Carpet restretching in Vancouver WA

If your carpet has wrinkles, lumps, or just doesn’t seem to fit right, it might be time to get it stretched back out. As your local full-service carpet experts in Vancouver WA, Checkmate Carpet Cleaning can do carpet restretching for your home and make it look like the day you moved in.

We’re IICRC certified in repairs

Some companies claim to be experts in carpet repairs but have nothing to back up their claims. As an IICRC certified carpet repair business, we’ve proven that we have the skills and ability to get the job done right. Our certification also means that we can save you money by avoiding unneeded fixes.

  • We know when it’s good to restretch and when it’s good to replace. Usually restretching can fix problems like rippling, and we won’t try to trick you into doing more costly repairs when they aren’t necessary.
  • We have all the required tools to do the job effectively. Our top-quality power stretcher and blade knives can resize your carpet the way it should be.
  • We always give tips on how to prevent situations like this from happening in the future. With proper maintenance, you can significantly extend the life of your carpet throughout your home.

Honesty and integrity guide our business practices

We don’t believe in unreasonable discounts to get our foot in the door and trick you into buying more services. Our inspections are honest and give a ballpark price without any hidden fees.

We want to continue to have your business in the future, so guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with our work. If for some reason we aren’t able to meet your expectations, we’ll refund your money.

Call us instead of risking further damage

While restretching may seem like a simple job, without the right tools and techniques, you can risk causing irreversible damage to your floors. Don’t take that chance.

Let us do the work and be at peace knowing that our certified technicians will properly restretch your carpet, guaranteed. Give us a call or fill out our contact form and ask how you can save money through our Gold Member program!

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