Carpet Repair in Vancouver WA

Have Checkmate Carpet Cleaning Repair Your Carpet

Carpet Repair in Vancouver WA If a large section of your carpet has gone bad, you don’t have to try and fix it yourself.

Depending on the location of the damage, you may need special tools and equipment that will cost you time and money, possibly more than having professionals come and do the job for you.

Let Checkmate Carpet Cleaning worry about your carpet repairs in Vancouver, WA. With over 30 years of experience, we know carpet and how to fix it quickly and efficiently.

Let us handle the big jobs for you

Many small jobs can be done at home with tools you have around the house. Our carpet tips can help with many situations, but for larger problems, we can take care of them, so you don’t have to worry.

Some areas of carpet are more difficult to repair, such as portions near walls, and can require a number of steps and tools

  • Sometimes we might have to remove the baseboards for carpet close to the wall. While it’s possible to move the tack strip a little bit away from the wall to avoid this hassle, it also makes it easier to accidentally step on these metal teeth later.
  • At the perimeter of most rooms, carpet is held down by tack strips, small pieces of woods with sharp metal points that keep the carpet in place. Replacing these can be tricky, and improper carpet placement on these strips is hard to amend.
  • To get the carpet flush with the wall, a knee kicker should be used to stretch the carpet onto the tack strip. This tool requires a significant amount of force and precision and it’s possible to damage your walls with incorrect technique.

We’re IICRC certified for repairs

IICRC certification shows clients that experts are who they claim to be. Uncertified carpet repair services may use improper techniques or be inexperienced in crucial areas of carpet restoration. In order to become certified, repair technicians must demonstrate competence in many kinds of repairs such as:

  • Burned or melted areas of carpets
  • Discolorations and bleached areas
  • Loose carpet installations
  • Open seams
  • Buckles and ripples in carpets
  • Missing tufts and yarns


We don’t mind complicated carpet restoration work

Don’t try and take on complex repair issues yourself. Our combination of experience, service, and quality will make sure we find and fix the problem, and that it won’t come back soon.

Give us a call or fill out our contact form for a carpet cleaning and repair estimate today!

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