Upholstery Cleaning in Portland

Checkmate Carpet Cleaning does Upholstery Cleaning

Properly cleaning upholstery can be a tough job. With dozens of different fabrics and a specific way to clean each one, don’t risk doing the job yourself and possibly damaging the material. With over 30 years of experience, Checkmate Carpet Cleaning has seen it all and can handle any upholstery cleaning you need in Portland.

Our signature 12-Step Process is sure to get the job done

Upholstery cleaning in Portland
We know upholstery can be tricky, so we don’t leave anything to chance. With our comprehensive cleaning process, we check for any unusual behavior to make sure we use the correct cleaning tools.

  1. We start with a pre-inspection
  2. We perform a fiber ID test to determine what material your upholstery is made from
  3. A Color Migration Test checks for dye bleeding
  4. Cushion inspection
  5. Test for shrinkage
  6. Pre-Vacuum cleaning
  7. Pre-Spot cleaning
  8. Pre-Spray
  9. Pre-Grooming. This is especially helpful for finer fabrics
  10. Hot water extraction removes most spots, stains, and particles
  11. If requested, we’ll include a coating of Dupont Teflon for protection
  12. We do a final inspection to make sure it’s cleaned properly

Don’t ignore getting your upholstery cleaned

Dirty upholstery can do more than simply look bad. It can cause health problems for you and your family. Tiny particles, germs, and skin cells can get into the fibers of your couch, bed, and chairs; places where you sit or relax. Some people let their furniture go without cleaning for several years straight. This is potentially dangerous and can cause illnesses, discomfort, or allergic reactions in susceptible individuals.

We’re locally-owned and operated

With two locations in Portland and Vancouver, our business is focused in the Portland Metro area. We live in the community and want to see it flourish. We don’t try to scam you with unreasonable coupons to get our foot in the door and then tell you that you aren’t eligible; instead, we’re upfront and honest about our prices. We’ll give you an estimate and do our best to stick with it–and tell you if we can’t. Check out our current specials and then give us a call today!

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