Oriental Rug Cleaning in Portland

Checkmate Carpet Cleaning Cleans Oriental Rugs

A quality oriental rug often has many vibrant colors. Oftentimes, they are made of materials that aren’t easy to clean or shouldn’t be cleaned by conventional methods.

If you accidentally dirty or stain your rug, Checkmate Carpet Cleaning does oriental rug cleaning in the Portland area. We have the skills and tools to restore your rug to its former condition, often making it look better than ever.
Oriental carpet cleaning in Portland

Our 10 step cleaning process ensures your rug is thoroughly cleaned

If you call us to come by to clean your oriental rug, we’ll make sure that it’s spruced up in the best way possible.

No matter if it’s heavily soiled or you just want to make it look like new, our 10-step rug cleaning process is sure to impress.

  1. First, we inspect the rug and see what the problem is or what you want us to do.
  2. Next, we perform a fiber ID test to make sure we use the right cleaning methods.
  3. After that, we do a color migration test to see if the colors will bleed.
  4. Then, we vacuum the rug to remove any dirt or debris. When vacuuming is finished, we pre-spray the area and prepare it for cleaning.
  5. If there are any spots that shouldn’t be there, we focus on those.
  6. Once all that is done, we use hot water extraction at 230 degrees.
  7. Our commercial dryers speed up the drying process without harming the rug.
  8. We add Dupont Teflon to protect the oriental rug from future damage.
  9. Finally, we do a final inspection to make sure it’s cleaned as expected.

We’ll come to your home for cleaning

Don’t worry about driving to our office for the cleaning. Our certified oriental rug cleaners are more than happy to make house calls. We’ll arrive when we’re scheduled and quickly and efficiently clean your rug so you can get back to your life.

We guarantee you’ll like the results

We’re so confident in our cleaning methods; we can guarantee them. If you aren’t satisfied with our work and we can’t make it right, we’ll simply give you your money back.

So don’t worry about that dumped bottle of bleach or kitty using your rug as her new litter box. Click on our specials, then call us or fill out our contact form and we’ll put dirt, muck, and stains in check.

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