Carpet Repair in Portland

Checkmate Carpet Cleaning Does Carpet Repairs

For some accidents, your carpet may need to be repaired. It may have gotten ripped or had a stain that is too tough to take out by conventional means. For any kind of Carpet Repairs in Portland, Checkmate Carpet Cleaning has the experience to identify, diagnose, and repair the problem. 
Get your carpet repaired

In many cases, carpet can be repaired instead of replaced

While some carpet issues may seem unrepairable, many problems are fixable, even if they seem big. There are a number of ways that a carpet can be damaged that we are able to restore back to previous condition including:

  • Burns

Burns can be difficult to repair. For small burns, such as a cigarette burn, you may be able to fix it yourself. For burns like these, cutting out the burnt fibers is usually enough. Bigger burns, however, may require replacing a section of carpet and we can take care of that for you.

  • Loose spots

Having loose spots in your carpet may seem like a minor inconvenience, but in some cases, they can become dangerous. Loose carpet on stairs, for instance, can cause you to slip and potentially cause serious injury. We recommend you get areas like these repaired right away.

  • Crushing and Matting

You may have noticed that in some high-traffic areas, the carpet seems to be flat and worn down. This may be because the face of the carpet has been pushed down so often that it can become permanent. While in some places this may be difficult to avoid, you can avoid crushing carpet  by regularly moving furniture or heavy items. We can handle heavy crushing that home remedies can’t fix.

We’re carpet patching experts

One of the most common carpet repairs is the patch job. Checkmate’s founder, George Grijalva, is an expert in carpet patching. The inventor of the Perfect Patch Tool, he imparts his knowledge to his employees so that they can patch instead of fully replace whenever possible. Large carpet patches require several steps such as matching the carpet style and color to the original, and having a professional take care of it will save you an enormous headache.

Let us handle your carpet repairs

If following our handy guide of carpet maintenance tips isn’t enough, we’ll get the job done right. With our vast experience, we can quickly get to the root of the problem and know how to fix it. If you need repairs, don’t wait! Check out our current specials and then call or contact us today!

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