Carpet Dyeing in Portland

Checkmate Carpet Cleaning can dye your carpets

Did you accidentally spill a bottle of bleach on your carpet? Has your child who insisted on having a light-pink carpet in their room gone off to college? Are you tired of every little stain and piece of dirt showing up? Then Checkmate Carpet Cleaning can help with carpet dyeing in Portland. Our certified professionals will make sure that this complicated job goes well so you can feel better about the carpet in your home.

Dyeing carpet is a complicated process

Carpet dyeing in Portland by Checkmate Carpet Cleaning
Recoloring carpet is a complex process that should only be done by trained professionals. Unlike some carpet cleaning companies, we regularly dye carpet and only use manufacturer dyes for top-quality results. There are several things to keep in mind when deciding to dye your carpet.

  • A carpet cannot be dyed to a lighter color. Because of this, the ideal color of carpet to change is white, which can be changed to practically any color. While you can’t change a light green carpet to white, you may be able to change color families of the same darkness. With our experience, we know which color changes will work as expected and which will produce unwanted results.
  • Carpets can only be recolored in compliment colors. Unlike paint, dye for carpets infuses with the fibers of the carpet and can’t be removed, only altered. Red carpets, for instance, would be able to be dyed a shade of brown or maroon, but not yellow.
  • Some carpets are made of materials that can’t be dyed. While many carpets can be recolored, materials like polyester cannot. We always identify the fiber before dyeing to make sure the process will work.

Quality of carpet dye is crucial

Just like specific kinds of paint are used for cars, special dyes are used for carpeting as well. We only use the highest-quality dyes in our jobs so that the colors stand out and look the way that they should.

Come to us for your carpet dyeing needs

With over three decades of experience in the carpet business, we’re your local carpet experts. Honesty and integrity are our core values, and we try our best to give accurate estimates and have no hidden costs or fees. Have a look at our current specials, then call or contact us today for your personalized carpet dyeing estimate.

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