Carpet Cleaning in Portland

Have Checkmate Carpet Cleaning Clean Your Carpets

If you’re looking for excellent, professional cleaning for your carpet in Portland, look no further than Checkmate Carpet Cleaning. Our unique 12-step technique means you’ll get unmatched quality and our signature money-back guarantee.

We have a dedicated Portland office

Carpet cleaning in Portland
Just because we help keep Portland weird doesn’t mean it has to be dirty. Located in Southern Portland, our local office allows us to promptly answer calls and give you a personal quote without hidden fees or charges. And since we’re based in town, we can schedule a time to meet at your residence with minimal inconvenience.

Professional cleaners reduce headaches and costly repairs

Many small jobs can be DIY, and our extensive list of carpet care tips can make your carpet last longer and look great. However, some issues are too large or complex to tackle on your own. Hiring a professional cleaner for sizable issues and whole-house cleaning saves time, hassle, and can even save money. A poor repair job can cause even greater problems than the original fault, costing hundreds or even thousands of extra dollars to properly repair.

Our professional carpet cleaners are knowledgeable and experienced

Founder George Grijalva, an industry insider, has shown off his insight through interviews on radio and television numerous times. Drawing on from his vast experience of over three decades, George insists on quality both from his own work and the performance of his employees. He takes carpet cleaning seriously, earning distinguished IICRC certification in several areas including carpet cleaning, restoration, and repair.

Carpet Stain Removal

We’ll remove tough stains, or your money back

Accidentally spill a glass of red wine? Kids tracking in muddy shoeprints? No problem. Our industrial-strength stain removals deal with stubborn stains that consumer-grade products can’t handle.

• Pet Urine and Odor can be hard to remove, but our 11-step process will make you forget Fido had a hard time with potty-training
• Our top-of-the-line cleaners are strong enough to remove water stains from flooding or other accidents
• We treat cleaned carpets with a protective layer to stop future stains getting deep into your carpet

While our cleaners can handle most stains, we can’t promise that they can take out every type without severe damage to the carpet. In these rare instances, we won’t charge you for our attempt and will do whatever we can to see you satisfied.

Check out our carpet cleaning specials to save even more on our exceptional cleaning services. Then call us or fill out our contact form to schedule a quote today!

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