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dirtycarpet1My web designer called me about a week ago and had a very unique situation.  His carpet was stained somewhat uniformly all over.  He told me he didn’t understand how all the spots and stains on the carpet could be similar – upstairs and downstairs.  He says, “It doesn’t make sense.  It’s not like I walked around with the same stuff and spilled it everywhere.  How can my whole carpet look bad and be stained the same?”  It took us a little while to figure out, but the answer is simple. 

It was “cleaned” by the other guys… This is where it is VERY important to go with a reputable carpet cleaner.  The previous cleaning was incomplete and thoroughly useless.  They didn’t extract all of the soap, either with poor equipment, or a ridiculously fast hack job, and the soap that was left in the carpet continued to attract molecules of moisture and dirt the moment it dried.  Quality carpet and carpet with protectant on it will naturally shed dirt and moisture.  Normal carpet not so much.  The worst is any carpet with tons of soap left in it, because it is a polarized substance, designed to grab dirt and make it extractable.  But in this scenario, with soap LEFT IN THE CARPET it attracts the dirt to the carpet and creates stains everywhere.

He was really disappointed with himself for not taking before and after pictures – he even bought a brand new camera and just forgot to use it.  But we are on the hunt for pictures of exactly this scenario, so make sure to contact us if you have some or if you got a cheap carpet cleaning and it looks like the stains are beginning to appear very quickly, this is probably the reason.

After the cleaning he was ecstatic as his carpet was perfect.  Every stain came out and it looked brand new.  The funny thing is the same day his carpet cleaning was scheduled he had just spilled some special korean sauce on the carpet and not just anywhere – on the stairs.  It was a large amount and very unattractive but we got it all out!

The lesson is to keep your eyes on the carpet after you get a carpet cleaning and watch for new stains to magically appear.  If the soap was not extracted properly, more dirt will be attracted to it and uniformly build up everywhere.


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  2. Carpet Cleaning NY

    Amateurs clean carpets. Professionals remove soap. Anyone can clean a carpet and have it look dirty a week later. It takes a professional to clean a carpet and have it look equally as beutiful weeks later. This is done with proper rinsing, neutralizing, extracting and drying. Seems like you guys are doing it right!

  3. Portland Web Design

    That was the wildest, craziest looking carpet I have ever seen… just like I told you – how the heck was it everywhere? Funny thing is it is a rental and I have pretty good feeling someone ran through it VERY fast when the last residents moved out…

  4. Thousand Oaks Carpet Cleaning

    The key to any legitimate carpet cleaning process is to thoroughly rinse and neutralize before the extraction. Doing a quick, half-baked rinse and neutralization before the extraction on a trashed rug will almost always look horrible again in a few weeks.

    If possible, always use a truck-mounted service as well.

  5. Nicholas

    You have some great tips on there George! thank you for taking the time to share your tips on carpet cleaning and the like.

    Best Regards,

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    Some so-called carpet cleaners just can’t do their job properly. This is why people should consider only cleaners with a good reputation on the market. Yes, that means that newly established cleaning businesses will have to fight their way through, but hey, these are hard times!

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