George’s Carpet Cleaning Portland Diaries 4: Sisal Carpet

It’s Thursday morning and I woke up today feeling on top of the world.  Life is great! I have breath in my lungs, a beautiful family and a roof over my head.  I never imagined cleaning carpets for a living could be so exciting.  Everyday is an adventure and to prove it let me tell you about this sisal job.

What is sisal carpet?  Sisal carpet  in my opinion is like walking on a wicker basket.  Sisal carpet is a cellulose carpet.  Cellulose?  That’s right cellulose. Sisal is made from a plant.  This natural fiber carpet really is made from the same same stuff that some wicker baskets are made of.  My family and I used to make wicker basket lamp shades when I was growing up and we would sell them at Saturday Market but that’s a whole other story.  This carpet is definitely high end/expensive carpet but unfortunately not very practical to live with.  Since everyone of us is human and prone to get stains on the carpet this would not be a type of carpet I would recommend.

The customer that hired us for this job previously used Checkmate Carpet & upholstery cleaning for another emergency situation.  They consulted with a few other companies prior to contacting us only to hear that there was no hope for their situation and the carpet needed to be replaced.  When other carpet cleaning companies don’t have the experience or education necessary to handle special situations they often give the only advice they know which is “We can’t do it so you probably need to replace it”.  At Checkmate Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning we are IICRC certified not only in carpet cleaning but also in carpet repairs.  Our reputation for fixing “impossible” situations has made the S.W.A.T. team of carpet cleaner in the Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA area.

So anyway back to this sisal job.  This sisal carpet that was being held hostage by permanent stains was in for a rude awakening.  When we arrived at the scene the realtor was frantic yet excited we had come to the rescue.  She informed me how important this job was for both her and her customer.  The customer wants to sell the home and not have to replace the carpet.
I explained to her that I was an expert at cleaning sisal carpet and most companies wouldn’t even touch it.  I also made sure the customer had realistic expectations and asked her “If I could improve these stains by 90%, would that be acceptable?”  This situation was even more difficult because the stain was made from where their plant had been sitting on the carpet  and the water had leaked and created an 11″ x11′ dark greenish black stain.  This was a bad one!  She knew we were only hope in this situation.  There are really only a handful of companies that would or could handle this carpet.  To clean it properly you have to be very careful.  It is extremely likely that the carpet will brown out.  The reason is because if you don’t clean it on the acid pH scale you will end up getting water stains which is lignant.  In all actuality sisal carpet is fairly easy to clean if you have the right cleaners, education and equipment.

Every job to me is an opportunity and this job was a great opportunity to be a hero and save the day.  Five long hours and buckets of sweat later the stain had disappeared and once again we have proved that the technicians at Checkmate Carpet Cleaning truly are local carpet super heroes.  Using everything possible with science, technology and experience we had saved the day and reinforced to our friend the realtor that we are worthy of her referrals and business.   Remember even if we can’t leap tall building at a single bound or run faster than a speeding bullet we can always to the best at everything we do that makes us heroes.  To be continued…..


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