George’s Portland Carpet Cleaning Diaries 2: Rust, Kool aid, Water Stain and Cigarette Burns

George with Glow!It’s another unbelievable day in Carpet Cleaning Portland Or.  While finishing up a carpet cleaning at the nicest customers house, I had an uncontrollable urge for a cheese burger.  When this happens you can’t stop me – Give me a cheese burger and fries with blue cheese.  Have you ever dipped your fries in blue cheese dressing it’s incredible.  This is a great diet tip!  (I’ve lost 35 pounds and counting on the blue cheese diet.) Just Kidding.  While enjoying my lunch, I get a code red call – that’s what we call a specialty stain situation.  She has several stains rust, kool, cigarette burns and water stains.  So I finish my last bite and ran to my van.  Jump over the hood just like Starsky & Hutch.  That’s what we always do when we get a code red.  I love being the S.W.A.T. team of Carpet Cleaning Portland Or

The customer remarked on how quickly I arrived.  I said, “Just call us “Checkmate Carpet Cleaning on the spot!”  Then I recommended that she install a Checkmate Omatic button so when she gets a stain all she has to do is push the button and an IICRC carpet cleaning technician will pop out and address any and all her concerns.  She laughed.

Let’s look at all your wonderful stains, I can’t wait.  We go into the office and low and behold my precious stains were revealed to me.  My challenge has just began, I love it! I explained many carpet cleaners have no education in carpet cleaning, but not Checkmate Carpet Cleaning Portland, Or. We are the experts at any situation because of our training, cleaners, equipment, experience and enthusiasm to help every customer.  After an up close and personal inspection of the the cigarette burns, I explained we only have discoloration on the tips of the fibers and that I have a secret technique to correct this. (Carpet Cleaning Trade Secrets website)

Keep in mind, I will do everything possible to remove all these stains but sometimes they just don’t cooperate no matter what I do and we may need to correct this with a bonded insert.  Many companies do patches but they don’t last. We use a different technique called bonded inserts.  The industry experts have done tests where they have stretched the carpet after a bonded insert was done and the carpet ripped before the bonded insert.  For your rust, I will use a carpet cleaner especially designed for rust and I will agitate to activate the chemistry with proper dwell time, then perform a hot water extraction at 230 degrees.

However, your kool aid stain  requires a unique treatment because it’s a synthetic stain.  I will be using a carpet cleaner especially formulated for kool aid and will then activate the cleaner with steam.  Additionally,I will be using a special tool for helping in the removal of the kool aid stain. It’s a professional  hand steamer which concentrates all the steam in a central location.

Your water stain is in a class all it’s own. We will want to go on the acid side and use a carpet cleaner that eliminates the yellowing and soil that has surfaced.  Each stain requires several steps and while I’m here when was the last time you had all your carpets cleaned.  She said two years. Wow it’s been that long!  Did you know all the experts like the IICRC, CRI, EPA and Carpet Manufactures recommend every 6 to 12 months for health reasons and performance of your carpet.  Take that shirt your wearing for instance, would you go 2 years with out washing it?  Of course not.  Well, it’s the same for your carpet. In a perfect world you would clean your carpet every week.  But that’s not practical or in the budget for most people.  Keep in mind your carpet is the largest filter in your home and those pollutants need to be removed regularly.  While I’m here, to make it more cost effective to you why don’t we clean all your carpets?  How much?  I gave her the price and she said, let’s do it.  Great! I will perform the Most Incredible Carpet Cleaning in Portland Or you have ever experienced.

At the end of the job Praise God! I was able to remove every stain and turn her carpets into a pollutant free masterpiece.  She was so thrilled she asked for several cards to give to family and friends and would like us to clean her office where she works.  She said Checkmate Carpet Cleaning Portland Or is the only carpet cleaning company she will ever use and recommend.

On my way home, I called my wife and shared the adventure I had in carpet cleaning today.  My wife said she loved me and to hurry home – ” I have a steak dinner waiting for my hunk of a man”.  It’s good to be a carpet cleaner!  Remember no matter what you choose to be in life always be yourself and go over and beyond what anyone expects of you.  This will create a lasting impression of you and your company.  Your competition has forgotten what service  is but not you and not CHECKMATE.   Carpet Cleaning Portland Or.

To be continued…………

“When it comes to carpet cleaning………Checkmate!”


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    I like the setup you have here. I do window cleaning in Dallas and Plano, Richardson and Allen TX.

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    Its a nice service method to install a Checkmate Omatic button as it will be very easy to provide the cleaning service right at the needed time and place, also satisfies the customer from your quick service.

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    Installation of Checkmate Omatic button will be of great help to get the help of the professionals at right time. Great tool!!

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