George’s Portland Carpet Cleaning Diaries 1: Pet Damage

Skippy the DogIt all started with a bowl of oatmeal and a kiss from my wife.  Then it was time to turn into super carpet cleaning man.  On the way to my first job I was rocking out to My My My My Sherona from the 80’s oh ya!  This was getting me pumped for the job.  I was thinking about this job for days and I couldn’t wait to see it.  My technician Dana said, “George you are going to love this carpet cleaning repair”.  It was a beautiful winter day, the sun was shining and I was feeling great.

We arrived on time which is really important to make an awesome first impression.  I knocked on the door and the customer was looking at me kind of funny.  I confirmed that she was “Mrs. Jones”, my 9am appointment for carpet cleaning and repair in Portland OR.   She said no, with confusion on her face.  I was puzzled because it was the right address on my vancouver wa & portland or carpet cleaning invoice.  Then Dana showed up in his Checkmate Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning van that services Vancouver WA & Portland OR .  I asked Dana if this  is the house that needs the carpet cleaning repair since he had been there before and he couldn’t remember.  We then figured out that it was the house next door. 

I knocked on the door and the nicest woman answered the door with two of the cutest little girls you ever saw (besides my own daughter of course).  I asked if she was “Mrs. Jones” with the Portland Or carpet cleaning repair and she said “yes I am”.  I took the time to introduce myself and build repore with her and the two little girls.  Also I was greeted by the huge dog that caused the repair, who was freaking out the whole time, driving me crazy.  Thats ok I love dogs and if it wasn’t for this beast I wouldn’t have this great Portland OR carpet cleaning opportunity.

After getting the customer to feel comfortable with our company,  I told her, I can’t stand it anymore please show me the carpet cleaning repair.  We went upstairs and low and behold there it was, in its’ incredible splendor.  I had to catch my breathe because it was so beautiful.  You had to see it.  As a matter of fact here is a picture.  Count them not one but two gaping holes that cuased a warm feeling of pleasure for me because it was a job.  I love jobs.  My dad always said it is better to work for an honest days pay so you can feel like a man who made a difference in his community than to be a lazy bum on welfare.  People really appriciate a hard worker who makes his living by serving others.  My dad owns the SELLWOOD INN TAVERN in Portland, OR on 17th and Umitilla.  My mom is silly she calls it a Pub & Eatery to make it more appealing to the suiters but it’s really just a bar.  A really nice one.  Check it out at if you want to experience a local down to earth, let your hair down bar?  This is the place for you.  I had to plug my dad’s business. Its the least I could do since he worked hard to keep a roof over my head 18 years and when I had to move back in because I thauaght I was going to be a millioniare but instead became in debt with credit cards.  Anyways thats a whole other chapter in my young 20’s life.  I’m not in debt anymore but it took me 20 years to get there (now I’m 40).

Let’s get back to Mrs. Jones and her hyper dog that hates men with tools.  Oh ya that’s the crazy part I left out, everytime a service guy stops buy to do any work during their home remodel and pulls out a tool the dog freaks.  I thought this won’t happen to me, I’m the dog wisperer.  My idea was to let the dog smell each carpet cleaning repair tool I was about to use.  Sounds brilliant doesn’t it.  It didn’t work.  So the customer threatened to put the dog in the basement the whole time I was working but never did.  I think she loved that dog too much and let it rule the house.  I know how it is, I have a cha wa wa and a boston terrier mix.  I sure can get off on a tangeant back to the carpet cleaning repair.

So any ways to make a long story short.  I fixed the holes in the carpet and cleaned everything in her home including her upholstery and she loved Checkmate Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning so much she even gave us a reveiw with 5 stars on google maps.  Here it is: Our neurotic dog accidentally locked herself in our master bedroom and, in her panicked state, she dug up a portion of our Berber carpet at the doorway to try to “dig” her way out. We were worried that we would need to replace the carpet in the entire bedroom and hallway. We called Marion’s Carpet, who sold us the carpet, to ask who they recommended for difficult repair jobs. They referred us to Checkmate, and we could not have been happier with the results. They came for a consultation within an hour of my phone call, and returned a few days later to make the repair. The repair looks fantastic, and the technicians were courteous, kind, and even had a sense of humor about our carpetdisaster. We would highly recommend Checkmate to anyone in need of assistance with a repair job.  Until next time, Who is faster than a speeding bullet, able to leep tall buildings in a single bound, its a bird no a plane its Super Carpet Cleaning Man with Checkmate Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning serving Vancouver WA and Portland Or.  To be continued………


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    It is so nice to see a company that not only gives excellent service but explains to others how proper service should be given to customers. Keep up the good work guys. You’re such a credit to our industry.

  2. Mr. Steam's Valley Steam

    George your enthusiasm is contagious. It is so refreshing to see how excited you are to serve your clients. That is what lacks in alot of service industries and sets you apart from all the other guys. It is a great lesson for all service companies to follow if they want to wow their clients.

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